Why do HYAcorp fillers last longer than other fillers in the market?

1) The particle size of each HA molecule we use in our formula.

2) Our fillers are double cross-linking, what means that combining it with a big particle size, the body requires more time to break it down and finally absorb it.

3) Our patented Thixotropic Technique: BioScience GmbH has developed a manufacturing process that allows this special type of cross-linked HA gels to be synthesized. This process creates the property of becoming less viscous under pressure (injecting force) and returning immediately to the original viscosity when the pressure (injecting force) is no longer being applied. It remains in the tissue for longer and is more stable. The special structure of these thixotropic HA molecules also reduces the diffusion rate of the enzyme hyaluronidase into the matrix. As a result of this crosslinking technique, a smooth, homogeneous, and long-lasting gel is created

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