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Company History

Our story began in Germany in 2001, with Dr. Laeschke Klaus, who after many years of research and investigation about hyaluronic acid, launched his first range of medical devices dedicated to dentistry, general surgery, urology and orthopedic.

The success of these products and of course the demand of the market allowed us to launch in 2006 our first range of aesthetic products, HYAcorp. In 2016, we re-launched a new formulation of the Genefill range, our second aesthetic range.

BioScience constantly invests in R&D and as a result, a new range of dermal fillers will be launched in 2018.


Our story began in Germany.


Patent of the advanced thixotropic technology.


Launching of HYAprof, fillers and cosmetic kits.

BioScience GmbH Timeline


Launching of the first aesthetic range of HYAcorp.


Re-launching of Genefill fillers.


Opening of two new offices in Frankfurt and Dubai.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the latest and safest technologies to ensure the best practice for the doctors and the safest solution for their patients.

Our Vision

As a family-owned company and well-known player in medical devices, our ambition is to overtake the leading position in the international market while keeping align with our values: Integrity, commitment and passion.