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BioScience GmbH has developed a specific manufacturing process that allows this special type of cross-linked HA gel to be synthesised. This process creates the property of becoming less viscous under pressure (injecting force) and returning immediately to the original viscosity when the pressure (injecting force) is no longer being applied.

The gel’s molecules are covalently bonded, meaning it remains in the tissue for longer and is more stable. The special structure of these thixotropic HA molecules also reduces the diffusion rate of the enzyme hyaluronidase into the matrix.

As a result of this crosslinking technique, a smooth, homogeneous and long-lasting gel is created.

Clinical Follow Ups

Constant research is key for our development and we conduct clinical trials and evaluations on a regular basis in order to test and re-confirm that our medical devices are some of the safest ones in the market. Different complexities and indications require a close up follow up.

Clinical trials are one of the most important research tools for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Therefore, we constantly work for improvement for the safety of our doctors and patients.

Futures developments

Our lab chemist are conducting in depth research to discover and develop a new non-animal source and methods to extract the hyaluronic acid other than bacterial fermentation. The research has started in 2016 and we are aiming to get the final results and abstracts by the end of 2020.

We are also working on a project to completely eliminate the usage of BBDE in the cross linking process of hyaluronic acid particles and find safer and more tissue compatible materials to link the HA particles. Currently all our products are being manufactured with less than 0.001 % of BDDE which allows us to call our products BDDE free.

We also have a few on-going research projects on how to use stem cells in combination with hyaluronic acid for orthopaedics and aesthetic use to improve the growth of the new cartilage as well as in the aesthetic field to rejuvenate the tissue and increase the production of collagen.

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