AMWC Symposiums Replay: Genefill & HYAcorp Symposium recorded for you

The 20th edition of AMWC held on the first weekend of April was an excellent occasion for international brands belonging to the Aesthetic Medicine industry to showcase all of their hard work and involvement come to life.

Product launches, absorbing conversations, educational content, and live demonstrations from experts were some of the main characteristics of this intense and rewarding networking experience.

One of the main pillars for BioScience this year has been the importance of creating and adding educational content for all of our doctors, dermatologists, distributors, and employees. Whether you learn more about Hyaluronic Acid Fillers through our webinars, BioScience Global Academy, Social Media, or from the doctors of the BioScience Medical Committee, spreading valuable knowledge is all we care about.

That’s the reason why we invested a lot of effort and resources in our live symposiums held for our two brands HYAcorp and Genefill. Some of the most renowned doctors with years of expertise gathered under the same roof to spread their wisdom regarding aesthetic medicine: a truly valuable opportunity.

If you couldn’t attend our AMWC live symposiums, we are happy to share the videos of both symposiums as well as the live demonstrations.

On Thursday 31st March, Genefill, the new generation of biphasic hyaluronic acid fillers was the first of our brands to present a live symposium. This time, it was centered around buttocks augmentation as well as jawline and chin.

First of all, Italian plastic surgeon Dr. Fabio Fantozzi presented a lecture focused on the anatomy of the buttocks between men and women and the main differences between them. The live demonstration part was next for this session, in this case, Romanian plastic surgeon based in London, Dr. Ducu Botoaca, performed a buttock transformation on a transgender patient with the special Genefill fillers made for the body.

We finished off with a very insightful lecture by Greek plastic surgeon – Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos on the anatomy of the jawline and chin with Genefill DX while using a facial simulator for a better comprehension of the subject matter.

Click here to watch the full Genefill symposium video.

On Friday 1st April it was the turn of our most advanced hyaluronic acid brand, HYAcorp, to hold its symposium. It consisted of three different sessions with experts addressing relevant issues such as the safety innovations behind ultrasound devices with Italian plastic surgeon Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla.

The live demonstration next for our audience who witnessed the buttocks augmentation demonstration performed by Dr. Francesco Marchetti and Portuguese plastic surgeon Sofia Carvalho.

Last but certainly not least, the safety and prevention guidelines were presented, thanks to the lecture taught by Italian plastic surgeon Dr. Piero Crabai.

Click here to watch the full HYAcorp symposium video.

On behalf of the BioScience team, we hope the spread of the knowledge and expertise through these types of videos makes you feel inspired and excited for new ideas.

We hope you enjoyed the recap of AMWC 2022, and we can’t wait to see you at future events.

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