ISAPS Webinar by BioScience: HA Fillers vs. Fat Grafting for Gluteal Augmentation

As a Platinum Sponsor of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), we are excited to announce a new webinar on December 13 brought to you by BioScience.

This webinar will focus on gluteal augmentation's main differences and synergies with HA fillers and Fat Grafting. 

Besides, our experts will also tackle topics such as the patient criteria selection when choosing a surgical procedure or a non-surgical procedure and which product from our portfolio is the suitable one regarding its rheological properties. Finally, we will address the accurate way of managing complications and adverse events.

At BioScience, safety has always taken precedence over everything. Our years of expertise and research have allowed us to develop the highest quality products and the purest hyaluronic acid. For this reason, Plastic Surgeon from Switzerland, Dr. Kai Schlaudraff, will join this live session as an ISAPS Guest to explain the ISAPS safety guidelines.

Then, Plastic Surgeon from Tunisia, Dr. Bouraroui Kotti, will explain the criteria he considers when choosing fat grafting or HA fillers for adding volume to the gluteal area. He will also address the proper injection technique for achieving the desired and safe results.

Next, Plastic Surgeon from Germany, Dr.Konstantin Frank, will participate in this session and give an in-depth lecture on the anatomy of the glutes and how to choose a product based on its rheological properties. Then, we will finish with a presentation on how to tackle and manage adverse effects.

Last but not least, we will have an interactive session of questions and answers so our audience can submit their questions anytime during the webinar, which will be solved at the end.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness these insightful lectures given by the most expert doctors.

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