Bioscience at IMCAS 2022

BioScience is welcoming you all to the 23rd edition of the IMCAS World Congress 2022. This year’s participation of the German pioneer will be full of valuable education thanks to our symposiums and live demonstrations by our expert plastic surgeons and doctors.

Discovering what makes you unique will be the most important topic discussed in this worldwide event which brings the opportunity to reunite under the same roof our distributors, doctors, and experts of the BioScience team.

Our booth will be the ideal spot to have a coffee with our experts to discuss everything surrounding the aesthetic industry, discover the different product lines by our three brands – HYAcorp, Genefill, and Hyaprof and talk about future collaborations and projects.

One of the fundamental pillars of our vision at BioScience has been education. That is why our brands HYAcorp and Genefill will have the opportunity to organize a symposium on June 3rd and 4th, addressing everything from face to body fillers, safety, and guidelines to keep in mind when injecting Hyaluronic Acid and many surprises to come.

On Friday, June 3rd at 5 p.m. will be the turn of Genefill, the new generation of soft dermal fillers. The symposium will start with the participation of Italian plastic surgeon Dr. Fabio Fantozzi with a live demonstration of using Genefill Contour for hands rejuvenation. Followed by Greek plastic surgeon Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos, with a lecture regarding the power of Genefill DX, our face filler that improves the production of collagen to achieve a radiant and younger look.

Lastly, Romanian plastic surgeon based in London, Dr. Ducu Botoaca will be performing a live demonstration of a buttocks transformation on a transgender patient with the latest addition to the Genefill family, Genefill Contour Plus.

HYAcorp will be hosting its symposium the following day, Saturday, June 4th, where attendees will get a chance to be a part of the versatility of the most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid for the body and face, HYAcorp dermal fillers.

The first session will be presented by  Italian plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Marchetti and through a live demonstration, he will be addressing the Hip Dips correction procedure.

Afterward, French Professor Michael Atlan will be discussing all safety when it comes to Hyaluronic acid procedures.

The last session will be presented by Italian Plastic Surgeon and head of BioScience’s medical committee, Dr. Piero Crabai, who will be performing a live demonstration using HYAcorp Face and HYAcorp Feel for a facial transformation.

Besides these insightful lectures, our two members from the BioScience Medical Board, Dr. Piero Crabai and Dr. Fabio Fantozzi will host two workshops.

The first session hosted by Dr. Piero Crabai will be a cadaver workshop with special attention to the buttocks area while using HYAcorp MLF2. The second session presented by Dr. Fabio Fantozzi will be an in-depth discussion regarding the Inflammatory reactions to injectables.

Save both dates for these sessions so you don’t miss this opportunity to learn such an enriched material taught by doctors with years of experience.

About BioScience GmbH

Established in 2001, BioScience GmbH is a German manufacturer designing and producing medical devices based on hyaluronic acid. As of today, they are one of the few manufacturers to offer both monophasic and biphasic dermal fillers.

Their three product lines – HYAcorp, Genefill, and Hyaprof – are certified with the CE mark and used for the full spectrum of facial and body applications in over 77 countries. BioScience’s commitment to innovation and excellence has earned the trust of the most recognized plastic surgeons, and dermatologists, as well as a network of over 125 distributors and millions of satisfied patients.

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