Master the Art of Body Fillers with The Aesthetic Mastery 2021

BioScience Presents The Aesthetic Mastery 2021

BioScience is proud to present its latest webinar series – The Aesthetic Mastery, an educational event designed to empower professionals in the practical use of HA face and body fillers for specialized indications. With our heritage of unparalleled safety at BioScience, we recognize the importance of medical education and training for our partners. This vision has guided us in the creation of this live webinar that features both discussions and demonstrations.

The webinar launches with its first episode on ‘Safe Gluteal Augmentation with HA Body Fillers.’ The attendees will be able to benefit from an exclusive opportunity to expand their knowledge base from insightful lectures, demonstrations, and much more. The webinar will be an open ground for conversation on the appropriate use of the HA body fillers and a thorough analysis of the BioScience solutions. A demonstration of the exact injection technique for safe gluteal augmentation will also be showcased. Taking the subject further, the ASPS certified plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Marchetti will speak of the potential complications associated with body fillers, how to prevent and manage them.

Moderated by the medical manager at BioScience GmbH, Teresa Galera, the session will also be joined by exclusive ISAPS guest Dr. Lina Triana who will share her experience on applying ISAPS Safety Guidelines in her daily practice.

The webinar is set to go live on 23 June, 16:00 UTC. Interested individuals can reserve their spot for the exclusive webinar by registering below:


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