Our First Global Academy Event

Bioscience successfully held its first ever  Global Academy Event last 25th February.

Our goal with this event is to provide medically enriched education and training to professionals from all around the world.

This event consisted of highly educational content specific for plastic surgeons and dermatologists as well as the presentation of BioScience company and Genefill Brand. With a detailed description and relevant information regarding the techniques and the anatomy of the areas to be treated with the different ranges of Genefill products.

There is no better way to achieve a better understanding of the theory than by having our head of our medical board, Dr. Piero Crabai, hands-on training on the procedures  and introduction to safety guidelines as part of the program.

During this event, our doctors had the opportunity to get involved in various live demonstrations performed by Dr. Crabai using Genefill products.

First, Genefill Contour Plus for Buttocks Augmentation, followed by Jawline and Chin procedure with Genefill DX and finishing with Hands rejuvenation and calves augmentation with Genefill Contour. At the end, an insightful lecture about the adverse reactions of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers was presented.

From BioScience we are very pleased with the involvement of the attendees and for the establishment of new relationships that we hope will lead to collaborations in the near future.

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